November, 2017  –  1Mby1M Entrepreneurship Podcast With Jon Staenberg, Staenberg Venture Partners

 Jon Staenberg, Managing Partner at Staenberg Venture Partners, has been a Seed Investor in over 300 ventures over the last 30 years. Jon draws from his long background and discusses some of what interests him to invest in a startup. He also reflects on the question People or Market: Which takes priority? 


July 2021 – Catch Me on Investor Connect with Host Hall Martin –  Jonathan Staenberg of Staenberg Venture Partners

In this episode, Hall welcomes Jonathan Staenberg, Founder and CEO of Staenberg Venture Partners. Staenberg Venture Partners is a Seattle-based venture capital firm focused on the technology industry mostly between San Francisco and Seattle.

Most recently, he advised, Blockchain Coinvestors, and

Jon shares his thoughts on the current state of startup investing and what he thinks will be the biggest change we will see in five years. He also discusses his investment thesis and advises entrepreneurs and investors.